Congregational Board

The Congregational Board consists of 21 church members who are proposed and elected for a period of three years at the Annual Stated Meeting.  Members of the Kirk Session also attend Board Meetings.  The main purpose of the Board is to look after the finance and fabric of the Church, i.e. attending to all maintenance and repair work in the Church and Manse and ensuring that there are sufficient funds to pay for them.

The Board normally meets on the first Thursday of alternate months from September to June and the meetings are usually chaired by the Minister.

The members of the Congregational Board are listed below

Chairman:                                         Rev Jeanne N Roddick, B.D. 
Clerk to the Board:                          Vacant  Treasurer:                                          Irene Kay
W.F.O and Gift Aid Convener:     Lourens de Jager                                 

Irene Campbell
Elizabeth Cunningham  
Edith Duncan  
Kirsteen Dunn 
Jim Greig 
Jan Keenan 
Anne Millar
Mark Dick
Karen Morris 
Tom Small     
Sandra Stevens   
Robin Stewart 

To bring the Board up to full strength a further six new members are required if you are interested please speak to Alison Bennet, clerk to the board.

Two committees are formed within the Board,

Fabric Committee: Margaret Robinson (Convener), Kirsteen Dunn and Brian Keenan.

Finance Committee:    Treasurer Irene Kay (Convener), James G Alexander, Hugh Millar and Alison G Bennet (ex officio).

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