Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is the ruling body within the congregation.  It sets the times of services, has spiritual oversight of the members of the congregation and of all the organizations, and sanctions the baptism and confirmation of those seeking membership of the Church.  The Kirk Session must abide by the decisions of the General Assembly and Presbytery.

Meetings of the Kirk Session must be duly intimated and must be chaired by the Interim Moderator who is referred to at meetings as the Moderator.  Meetings of the Session often follow meetings of the Congregational Board. 

The members of the Kirk Session are the elders in the congregation and its officials are the Moderator who chairs all meetings of the Kirk Session, the Session Clerk who is the secretary of the Kirk Session and the Roll Keeper who maintains an accurate record of the membership of the congregation. 

The members of the Kirk Session are listed below with the dates of their ordination as elders.

Interim Moderator: Rev Jeanne N Roddick, B.D.
Session ClerkHugh Millar
Roll Keeper:   Brian Keenan   
Presbytery Elder: Gordon I Callaghan
Thomas J Pattison          01/09/63 Alison G Bennet              09/04/00
James G Alexander        0 2/03/69 John P Brown                09/04/00
William Alexander       27/02/72 Mary  Clark                     09/04/00
Elizabeth M Paton         16/10/77 Margaret B  Robinson     09/04/00
William W Cowan         01/05/83 Margaret J Alexander    14/01/07
Robert G  Crossett          01/05/83 Marjory E Greig              14/01/07
Hugh Millar                   02/02/86 K Irene Kay                    14/01/07
Marion B Devine           03/05/87 Janet C  MacDonald      14/01/07
Sheila M Horne             03/05/87 Caroline H Brodie          01/05/11
Jeanne N  Roddick        1991 Jean L Hurst                    01/05/11
Brian  Keenan                06/08/95 Gordon I  Callaghan       26/10/14
Catherine B Rowntree   06/08/95 Elizabeth M  McCutcheon   26/10/14
May M Vint                     03/08/97 Elizabeth J   Muir                  26/10/14




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